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Hello Rooted Souls! I'm New England intuitive coach and Boston energy healer Kristen Blythe

Greater Boston energy healer and intuitive coach Kristen Blythe

If you’ve struggled to feel balanced, fulfilled, and at peace in your life – despite years of personal work, healing, or even traditional therapy – you are not alone! I work with sensitive souls, healers, intuitives, and those on a path of spiritual development to accelerate their growth, learning, and healing. intuitive healing boston, online energy healer in new england ancestral healing practitioner, energy healing teacher boston reiki master teacher.

I’m intuitive coach, author, and energy healing teacher Kristen Blythe and I’m here to help you rapidly release the trauma energies, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, and programming that keep you stuck and seem impossible to overcome. It’s time to embody your most joyful and authentic self and live the fulfilling life you dream of!

Are you ready to tap into the parts of yourself that know your truth, release the limitations of the past, and co-create the life experiences that will most uplift you? Rather than do the work for you, I’m here to teach you how to be your own healer and help you develop the intuitive, spiritual, mental, and emotional tools needed to overcome challenges and thrive. The outcome? A deeper relationship with yourself, a sense of fulfillment and purpose in your life, expansion of knowledge and intuitive abilities, new uplifting connections, positive change, and rapid soulful growth.

Reach out today for a free consultation or read on to learn how I can help you!

Boston MA Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach Kristen Blythe




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What Are Clients

These are just a few kind words from holistic life coaching and healing clients Kristen has worked with over the years.

"I cannot recommend Kristen enough. Kristen helped me in one of the most trying and vulnerable times in my life. She cared and comforted me during a time of struggle and worked me through it. She is extremely talented with many types of healing and coaching techniques in her toolbox - her sessions are customized to what you need. She is amazing!"
Heather Q.
Boston, MA
"Words cannot describe how grateful I was to meet an amazing healer such as Kristen. Her company was beyond warming and by the time my first session was done I literally felt like I was made new again. In fact, the day after my first session I walked into work and felt so happy and at peace. I felt like I was my own being again and that felt amazing. Working with tons of people on a regular basis had me lost in other people’s energy. Thank god for healers like Kristen. We need more people like her in the world."
Katie R.
New Hampshire
"After a major debilitating illness, I was struggling to get myself back into the workforce. Kristen was amazing at helping me shift limiting beliefs I had and release trauma that came as a result of experiencing chronic illness. I can happily say I am working in a job I love, and the life shifts I underwent as a result of Kristen's techniques were almost immediate and monumental. Thank you Kristen!"
Beth G.
New Hampshire
"As a licensed mental health therapist, certified hypnotherapist and certified intuitive life coach, I find Kristen to be incredibly intuitive as well as highly skilled and knowledgeable around identifying negative patterns, removing blocks and healing trauma and old wounds. Kristen is trained in a variety of holistic modalities. She is warm, compassionate and empathic. As a traditional mental health therapist that likes to think outside the box, I can highly recommend Kristen to guide you to heal."
Meaghan M.
New Hampshire
"Kristen is absolutely amazing! I am a cancer patient and we worked for several weeks on limiting beliefs I had about my health. Since our work together the cancer's progression has slowed significantly, and I am much happier and healthier than before our work together."
Amy W.
Boston, MA
"Working with Kristen has helped me re-story ancestral patterns that were holding me back, and her grounded approach has helped me trust myself to remain grounded even when the shadows inside get stirred up, and to approach with intention and clarity. Her medicine is potent and kindly shared!!"
Rachelle P.
"I needed this so much & I feel like I released so many emotions inside of me. Thank you."
Cathy R.


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