Awaken To Your Soul's Wisdom

Awaken To Your Soul's Wisdom

Learn to Release energies that keep you from embodying your most purposeful and soul-aligned life

Learn to Release energies that keep you from embodying your most purposeful and soul-aligned life


Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer, Author, and Teacher

Kristen Blythe is an energy intuitive, healer, spiritual teacher, writer, visionary, and metaphysical healing teacher whose expertise and contributions have been featured in DailyOm, mindbodygreen, InsightTimer, Elephant Journal, and Spirit of Change Magazine.

As a teacher, healer, and intuitive guide, Kristen has supported thousands of people in transforming their lives and answering the call of their soul. Her book Reclaiming Your Roots offers healing techniques and spiritual practices for overcoming limiting generational and ancestral patterns that block spiritual growth and healing.


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Diver Deeper with Kristen

Live the purposeful, fulfilling, and soulful life that your heart longs for.

"I cannot recommend Kristen enough. Kristen helped me in one of the most trying and vulnerable times in my life. She cared and comforted me during a time of struggle and worked me through it. She is extremely talented with many types of healing and coaching techniques in her toolbox - her sessions are customized to what you need. She is amazing!"
Heather Q.
"After a major debilitating illness, I was struggling to get myself back into the workforce. Kristen was amazing at helping me shift limiting beliefs I had and release trauma that came as a result of experiencing chronic illness. I can happily say I am working in a job I love, and the life shifts I underwent as a result of Kristen's techniques were almost immediate and monumental. Thank you Kristen!"
Beth G.
"As a licensed mental health therapist, certified hypnotherapist and certified intuitive life coach, I find Kristen to be incredibly intuitive as well as highly skilled and knowledgeable around identifying negative patterns, removing blocks and healing trauma and old wounds. Kristen is trained in a variety of holistic modalities. She is warm, compassionate and empathic. As a traditional mental health therapist that likes to think outside the box, I can highly recommend Kristen to guide you to heal."
Meaghan M.
"Kristen is absolutely amazing! I am a cancer patient and we worked for several weeks on limiting beliefs I had about my health. Since our work together the cancer's progression has slowed significantly, and I am much happier and healthier than before our work together."
Amy W.
"Working with Kristen has helped me re-story ancestral patterns that were holding me back, and her grounded approach has helped me trust myself to remain grounded even when the shadows inside get stirred up, and to approach with intention and clarity. Her medicine is potent and kindly shared!!"
Rachelle P.

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