Ancestral Healing and Energy Healing for Intergenerational Trauma
Your Path To Healing, Growth, and Purpose

Holistic Life Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Ancestral Healing
Is Rooted Deep Inside You.

You have the power to free yourself from limiting patterns, the impact of trauma, and blocks to a purposeful and fulfilling life. Access your innate inner wisdom and spiritual connections to co-create the change you desire through holistic life coaching, intuitive energy healing, ancestral healing, shadow work, and meditative practices.

Holistic Life Coach + Intuitive Energy Healer

Hello! My Name Is Kristen Blythe

Hello Rooted Souls! I’m Kristen Blythe and I’m a holistic life coach, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field. My passion is guiding clients and students to their own inner wisdom to help them overcome limiting patterns and traumas that hold them back from a joyful, uplifting, and fulfilling life. I specialize in ancestral healing, energy healing, and working with spiritually open, empathic, and sensitive souls around the world who desire rapid positive transformation. The techniques I use are meant to help you permanently shed the layers of limitation that prevent you from living your most purposeful and soul-aligned life, and root all of that beautiful soul wisdom of yours down into your physical embodied experience. Click the link below if you’d like to get to know me!




Holistic Life Coaching & Energy Healing

Holistic Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healing

Heal Limiting
Patterns & Uplift
Your Life
Through Intuitive Energy Healing and Holistic Life Coaching


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What Are Clients

These are just a few kind words from holistic life coaching and healing clients Kristen has worked with over the years.

"After a major debilitating illness, I was struggling to get myself back into the workforce. Kristen was amazing at helping me shift limiting beliefs I had and release trauma that came as a result of experiencing chronic illness. I can happily say I am working in a job I love, and the life shifts I underwent as a result of Kristen's techniques were almost immediate and monumental. Thank you Kristen!"
Beth G.
Durham, NH
"Kristen is absolutely amazing! I am a cancer patient and we worked for several weeks on limiting beliefs I had about my health. Since our work together the cancer's progression has slowed significantly, and I am much happier and healthier than before our work together."
Amy W.
Boston, MA
"Words cannot describe how grateful I was to meet an amazing healer such as Kristen. Her company was beyond warming and by the time my first session was done I literally felt like I was made new again. In fact, the day after my first session I walked into work and felt so happy and at peace. I felt like I was my own being again and that felt amazing. Working with tons of people on a regular basis had me lost in other people’s energy. Thank god for healers like Kristen. We need more people like her in the world."
Katie R.
Portsmouth, NH


Frequently Asked Questions

A holistic life coach is a trained or certified professional who approaches healing, lifestyle changes, personal growth, and navigating change through methods that integrate the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. They offer guidance and support to clients to help them overcome limitations, challenges, blocks to positive change, and more.

A holistic life coach might have a variety of other skills and areas of expertise beyond their training as a coach that they integrate into their methodology, and they often specialize in assisting individuals with specific challenges based on these skills. 

A life coach is a general term for a professional who assists clients with life changes and overcoming personal challenges. A holistic life coach is a type of life coach that specializes in using holistic and integrative methods that address all aspects of a person including their body, mind, and spirit.

A holistic life coach may offer similar services as a traditional life coach, however it is their approach to implementing these services that differs.

A holistic coaching approach integrates methods that address the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of an individual to help them work toward personal growth, navigating change, improving overall wellness, overcoming challenges, and growing spiritually. This approach considers factors beyond physical change and circumstances when working toward personal goals.

Coaching is never a substitute for medical care, psychotherapy, or other clinical care and should never be used as such.

It also requires that an individual be invested in themselves and take action toward the change and growth that they would like to see in their lives. A holistic life coach cannot do the work for the individual, so a person must be prepared to implement certain changes and actions when working with a coach.

We all have the power to work with our own energy and to release the energetic blocks that keep us stuck in life. A holistic coach who is also trained in energy healing helps to guide clients and teach them practical methods for releasing the energies that block healing, growth, upliftment, and progress toward change.

The energies that you may release through holistic coaching techniques and energy healing may include trauma energies, emotional energies, limiting belief templates, and other fundamental energies that are stored in the energy body. In releasing limiting energies and cultivating balanced energies, our internal landscape and external reality begin to coalesce around these energetic shifts resulting in positive change.

While both holistic coaches and spiritual coaches typically integrate spirituality and the spiritual aspects of an individual into their approach, holistic coaches offer an approach that also integrates the mind, body, and emotions of an individual into their methods.

Holistic coaching is “holistic” because it is integrative. It addresses all aspects of a person together simultaneously and considers all aspects of a person when working toward personal growth and change. These aspects include the physical body, mind, emotions, and spiritual parts of a person.


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