Kristen Blythe

Ancestral lineage healing practitioner


Hello! My Name
is Kristen Blythe

My passion is empowering you as your personal healer, and showing you how you can transform your life in unimaginable ways by doing deep inner work. No healer, coach, counselor, or spiritual leader can heal limiting patterns and traumas for you. Only you have the ability to balance your own life and energies, and my job as an intuitive coach is to guide you, teach you, and support you through this fruitful and uplifting process.


It Started With, Well... Life Itself

holistic life coach and intutive energy healing practitioner

I’m so happy you are here researching ways to improve your life and end limiting patterns! I have been in your shoes many times. In fact, the reason I became a healer in the first place is because my life path led me to the tools, experiences, intuitive guidance, and skills I needed to heal my own trauma and limiting patterns. The ancestral burden I inherited allowed for childhood abuse, chronic illness, and many limiting patterns to manifest in my experience, but my path also held the resources I needed to fully heal and release these patterns. You have the power to heal your limiting patterns and traumas as well, and this healing is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself.

It’s funny how life brings us where we need to be at exactly the right time. I’ve always been an experiential learner and my life has definitely brought me a full range of experiences and challenges to teach me, help me heal, and help me help others. My soul lineage has gifted me with the spiritual guidance that I needed to navigate my own path and receive the methods I use to teach and guide others. Following this guidance, I’ve spent the last 20+ years learning, practicing, developing, and teaching energy healing modalities, meditative practices, and holistic therapies.

Thousands of sessions working with others have taught me that we are all truly our own healers. My mission as a coach and intuitive guide is to empower others as self-healers. It is through the healing work that we do for ourselves that we truly transform our lives in ways that are felt and seen. I specialize in ancestral healing, energy healing, and working with spiritually open, empathic, and sensitive souls around the world who desire rapid positive transformation. The techniques I use are meant to help you permanently shed the layers of limitation that prevent you from living your most purposeful and soul-aligned life, and root all of that beautiful soul wisdom of yours down into your physical embodied experience.


Credentials and Qualifications

In addition to the above credentials, I have 20+ years of training and experience in 11 different energy healing modalities from across the world.

All of the techniques I use and teach are based on The ROESA Method™, a healing framework I developed through years of intuitive guidance from my spiritual support team, my own personal healing work, and thousands of client sessions.

Alternative Balance




Kind Words From Clients

"Kristen went above and beyond, truly. She recognized when I was having a hard time, helped me to acknowledge and face my feelings and genuinely wanted to see me move forward and not "need" to see her anymore, rather just want to. She encouraged and guided me with ideas that I could take into my everyday. Her energy work is also incredible. She comes to each session with many tools and uses her highly attuned intuition! Cannot recommend her enough!!"
Heather Q.
"Kristen is incredible. I have been through a very difficult medical journey with cancer, and Kristen helped me every step of the way. I also had to let go of a 4 decade career due to this medical situation & Kristen guided me along with positivity & clear vision that I could make it through & get to the other side of it all & be healthy & happy. And here I am..healthy & happy, thanks to Kristen's support & guidance. Shes wonderful."
Amy W.
"The world needs more people like Kristen. She is an incredibly talented coach and energy healer. She is authentic, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, calming, friendly, positive and uplifting. Going to Kristen for coaching and healing sessions helped me to finally heal my body and overcome Lyme disease and to completely transform my life for the better. I can’t recommend Kristen highly enough!"
Beth G.