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Rooted Wisdom in a Nutshell

Rooted Wisdom energy healing and intuitive coaching is my passion embodied. Why Rooted Wisdom? Because in my experience, that's what life is all about - following our inner compass through challenge, tearing away all the bits and pieces that don't quite fit, transforming into who we are really meant to be in this life, and rooting all that wisdom down into our lived experience. The blend of coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance, and ancestral healing is the perfect gateway for unburdening ourselves and receiving the inner wisdom we need to transform in positive ways.


A Whole-Self Approach
to ancestral Healing

I believe that we are all innately wired with the skills and wisdom to help us live our purpose, but our personal and ancestral traumas, limiting beliefs, and repressed emotions muddle up that inner compass and keep us stuck. My healing programs and coaching services are not just about setting goals and talking things through. The techniques I use with my clients work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level to permanently remove the limitations that keep you stuck. The result? Positive change!

Intuitive Guidance & Guided Healing

Guided intuitive work can help you access your own inner wisdom and understand your past and the origin of your challenges so that you can create real change. Receiving intuitive support from others can help lead us to our blind spots and offers a different perspective based on higher guidance.

Through my own trials and tribulations, it was connecting with and working with Spirit and the life-force that animates all things that allowed me to heal and understand myself in the deepest of ways.

When we are disconnected from our Spirit we can experience anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and life really doesn’t feel that great. This is why working within a spiritual container toward growth and healing is so important to me.

Whether you define “Spirit”, as God, Source, the Universe, Great Mother, quantum particles, Love, or anything in between, I work within YOUR definition, terminology, and practice of spirituality. My ultimate goal here is to help you reconnect with yourself and your experience of life in a joyful, healthy, and uplifting way.

When working with clients I draw upon 20 years of experience and training in energy-based healing techniques from around the world and my own intuitive guidance. Many of these techniques have roots in neuroscience and physics which we are only now discovering. Our ancestors really did know what they were talking about, they just had different language for it!

Ancestral Blueprint™ Healing Techniques

Ancestral energies are anchored into our experience through our ancestral blueprint™. Working with our unique ancestral blueprint allows us to balance ancestral beliefs, trauma, and limiting patterns, and provides access to the unique soul skills and wisdom we offer to our lineage.

Our ancestral blueprint consists of two energy streams or templates that coalesce to form our entire ancestral blueprint, which is unique in each lifetime. The first energy stream comes from our genetic ancestral lineage, and the second from our soul lineage, or past lifetimes we have experienced.

Working within our ancestral blueprint to balance burdens that we have inherited through both of our ancestral streams is a powerful form of healing that can release ancestral patterns and trauma, help us access soul skills and wisdom, and offer this healing we achieve for our lineage as well. What benefits you benefits all.

Through my own ancestral healing process I developed many techniques designed to identify the origin of imbalances in your ancestral blueprint, and transform those imbalances into an aligned expression that supports positive growth.

Body-Guided Healing Methods

Unresolved trauma that our ancestors experienced and our own personal traumas can inform our nervous system. Body-based healing techniques work to release ancestral imprints from the physical body and nervous system so that we can feel more balanced and regulated.

Body-Guided Healing Techniques allow the bio-energetic field, cells, and neurological systems of the physical body to overcome the programming created through harmful or limiting past experiences. In doing so, we can often heal from trauma-induced and stress-induced health conditions, experience less anxiety and stress, and open ourselves up to a more positive and uplifting experience of life.

Limiting Belief Template Work

How we experience life events and the choices we make every day are shaped by our beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those that are not in alignment with our personal truth and are often passed down through our ancestral lineage or crated through personal trauma. Belief template work can help reshape our reality to reflect our soul-truth.

The more we act out of limiting beliefs and have experiences through limiting beliefs, the more we develop neural pathways that make it very easy for us to make the same decisions and take actions that further reinforce limitation. This is not how we were meant to live life, yet it can feel very difficult and take an extreme amount of challenge to overcome our limiting beliefs.

The good news? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new neurological pathways through repetition. The great news? The brain does not need us to physically experience something to rewrite those pathways.

I work with clients using guided visualization techniques and other exercises to give the brain new positively oriented instructions that allow for new neural pathways to form, thus making overcoming limiting beliefs a surprisingly simple and fruitful process.


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