Tools and Techniques

Tools and techniques for holistic life coaching, ancestral healing, and intuitive energy healing


Blending Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices

The techniques I use in my client sessions are not only techniques that I have spent years training in and developing, but they are also tools that I use myself as an integral part of my own life. My coaching practices are all implemented through The ROESA Method™, a healing framework I developed through years of personal practice. I draw from a combination of skills and training that range from integrative parts work based in neuroscience to intuitive energy-based therapies such as meditative energy release. My education and experience with a wide range of healing and personal growth techniques has taught me that while science and spiritual practices may seem like opposite ends of a spectrum, there are many areas of overlap between the two. Sometimes it's just a matter of different language for the same thing.


Body-Guided Healing Techniques

Shadow Work and Parts Work

Our life experiences affect and create the inner aspects of ourselves. These aspects show up in our thoughts and behaviors, create imbalance in the physical body, and dictate how we relate to ourselves and others.

Shadow work and parts work include practices that help you learn to see how painful experiences and unmet feelings create ongoing disharmony in your life. These practices help you connect with your core self and integrate all of your "parts", thus helping to heal and integrate your mind and body. This integration can lead to an increased sense of wholeness within yourself and compassion for yourself and others.

Integrative Body-Based Trauma Healing

Unresolved trauma that our ancestors experienced can be passed down to us epigenetically and inform our nervous system. Somatic healing techniques work to release ancestral imprints from the physical body and nervous system so that we can feel more balanced and regulated.

Working with the body to guide healing can help identify ancestral trauma stored in the body and helps restore the body as a place of safety while helping to expand our capacity to process cellular memory, process repressed emotions, complete thwarted stress responses, and restore our optimal relationship to our self and the world around us.


Re-Wiring Neural Pathways

Limiting Belief Template Work

Our reality is shaped through our beliefs, and beliefs are developed through many avenues including experiences we have, trauma, the teachings of others, cultural programming, and ancestral imprints. Often when we have difficulty making change or overcoming certain patterns we experience, our limiting beliefs are to blame.

Limiting belief template work utilizes a variety of techniques to consciously and rapidly release the bio-energetic templates connected to our limiting beliefs, and replace that programming with beliefs that are in alignment with our core truth.

These techniques include intergenerational healing work where we identify and shift patterns, programming, and trauma that may be deeply affecting your life experience that have been passed down to you through your ancestral lineages and familial connections.

Guided Visualization

Behavioral studies show that mediation has a positive effect on several cognitive domains, including memory, attention, executive function, and cognitive flexibility. Certain regions of the brain, including the cerebral cortex, subcortical grey and white matter, brain stem and cerebellum, have been shown to reflect changes due to meditative visualization.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to form new neurological pathways through repetition, and the good news is that the brain does not need us to physically experience something to rewrite those pathways.

As a Certified Meditation Instructor, I work with clients using guided visualization techniques and other exercises that achieve certain brainwave states. We then give the brain new programs that allow for new neural pathways to form, thus making overcoming limiting patterns a surprisingly simple and fruitful process.


Energy-Based Healing Techniques

Ancestral Blueprint™ Work

Ancestral energies are anchored into our experience through our ancestral blueprint. Working with our unique Ancestral Blueprint™ allows us to balance ancestral beliefs, contracts, trauma, and limiting patterns, and provides access to the unique soul skills and wisdom we offer to our lineage.

Our Ancestral Blueprint™ consists of two energy streams or templates that coalesce to form our entire ancestral blueprint, which is unique in each lifetime. Working within our ancestral blueprint to balance energies that we have inherited through both of our ancestral streams is a powerful form of healing that can release ancestral patterns and trauma, help us access soul skills and wisdom, and offer this healing we achieve for our lineage as well. What benefits you benefits all.

Intuitive Development

Your own inner guidance and gut feelings are your most powerful compass in life. Learning to guide yourself through your own intuition and heart, rather than through your mind and limiting programming of the past, is one of the most powerful ways to guarantee positive transformation in your life.

My goal is to empower you in your own life and journey. To do this, I use my own training as an energy healing practitioner and personal experience as an intuitive to teach you practical methods for accessing your own inner guidance system. While my own intuitive guidance may come through in our sessions, I find it much more important to teach you to use your own intuition in your own life.