Ancestral Blueprint™ Healing


Ancestral Blueprint™

The ancestral blueprint™ is an energetic template that contains the patterns, energies, knowledge, and experiences of the two ancestral lineages that coalesce within us in each lifetime. The first of these two lineages is our genetic ancestral lineage, and the second is our soul’s lineage or past life experiences and connections.

Our Ancestral Blueprint contains both ancestral burdens and ancestral blessings that were created through the experiences of our ancestors and our past life selves. The burdens come in the form of ancestral trauma, limiting generational patterns, and the limiting intentions of those who came before us. Our ancestral blessings are soul skills, wisdom, and uplifting connections that help us offer our unique gifts to the world, fulfill our life’s mission, and overcome ancestral burdens.

Our entire reality is shaped by the influences of our past experiences and the experiences of those who came before us, so working with the imbalances created in the past to create balance and healing in the present can rapidly transform our limitations into an uplifting and purposeful life. This is what Ancestral Blueprint healing work is all about.

Ancestral Blueprint healing work uses meditative exercises, parts work, limiting belief work, intuitive visualization, and other mindful practices to rapidly energetically transform the limitations we experience due to the burdens we have inherited through our Ancestral Blueprint on the most fundamental level of our being.