Ancestral Energy Healing: A Look At Energetic Roots

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Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Energy Healing: A Look At Energetic Roots

We all have traits that we inherit from our family members. We might be very aware of some of these traits –  we might have Mom’s nose, Dad’s ears, and Grandma’s sensitive stomach. But what about the energetic aspect of our genetic lineage? 

Not only do we inherit certain traits and patterns physically from our ancestral lineage, but we also inherit energetic patterns, trauma energies, and belief programs from our ancestry. We can be very deeply affected by the energies that get passed down to us through our genetic lineage as well as our soul lineage. From an energy healing perspective, it is essential to address the influences that these ancestral energies have in our lives and on our being. There are many limiting patterns, trauma responses, and even physical illnesses that can be primarily caused by unhealed and unbalanced ancestral energies that have been passed down to us. Ancestral healing works with these energies to heal these patterns on an energetic level, and transform dense and toxic energies that have been passed down from our ancestors into a more healed expression.

This type of healing work is transformational not only for ourselves, but for our entire lineage and all lineages we are connected to. Because of the multi-dimensional nature of our DNA and of our soul, ancestral healing work that we do on ourselves affects and heals the entire lineage. This means that all we really need to do is heal ourselves in order to share profound and transformational healing with our entire ancestral lineage.

Traditionally, we think of our ancestral lineage as people that we are blood related to or are genetically connected to in a physical way. From an ancestral healing perspective, though, ancestral healing extends to our soul lineage as well. This includes our past lives and those we have been connected to in other lifetimes, and addresses trauma energies and limiting patterns our soul has developed in other lifetimes that might still be affecting us today. When we think about ancestral healing from both the genetic and soul lineage perspectives, it becomes very clear how impactful and monumental ancestral healing can be for an individual and for all individuals connected to us. 

When we transform and alchemize the energies in us from traumas and the resulting patterning our ancestors experienced, we prevent those same trauma energies and patterns from passing down our ancestral line as well. Ancestral healing allows us to live our lives through a more sovereign and empowered expression of ourselves that is not limited by the density we are carrying from those that came before us.

Ancestral healing also includes connecting with ancestors for assistance in healing, and working with ancestral guides who can support our own healing process and the healing of the entire lineage. Our healed ancestors can offer wisdom, experience, and healing streams of ancestral energies to us that support our path forward and our growth. 

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