ancestral healing course
Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Energy Healing: A Look At Energetic Roots

We all have traits that we inherit from our family members. We might be very aware of some of these traits –  we might have Mom’s nose, Dad’s ears, and Grandma’s sensitive stomach. But what about the energetic aspect of our genetic lineage?  Not only do we inherit certain traits …

trauma and the energy body
Trauma Healing

Healing the Effects of Trauma on the Energy Centers and Energetic Circuitry

All of us have experienced trauma in some form or another. The energies of trauma, the resulting emotions, and the beliefs and patterning we develop through trauma deeply inform our physical experience of life. It is important to do healing for trauma energies and any repressed emotional energies that we …

Ancestral guides and ancestral support

Guides, Won’t You Save Me?

Healing is hard work. There is no question about that. Through my own trauma healing, one of the most interesting things I have discovered by actively working with my guides and higher-dimensional beings is that there are definitely rules when it comes to their ability to assist us. There is …

Why inner work leads to outer stagnation

RIDE THE WAVE OF CHAOS: Why inner work can lead to outer stagnation and what to do about it

Originally published at blog We’ve all been through phases of deep inner work, at one time or another. Sometimes we choose this inner work, and other times it feels as if life has forced it upon us. Regardless of how we’ve arrived at these times of intense internal healing, …

Ancestral blueprints and limiting belief patterns

Changing the Blueprint: 7 Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life

Our beliefs originate from many different places. We develop them as soon as we emerge from the womb through experience, teachings of our elders, trauma, and many other avenues. We act through our beliefs every moment of every day. We have thoughts and emotions, communicate with others, and make decisions …

ancestral pattern healing
Trauma Healing

Ancestral Healing as the Key to Overcoming Limiting Patterns

Many of us are aware that we develop our belief paradigm in childhood and throughout life by learning from our parents, teachers, peers, culture, and through our experiences. If we take into consideration where our parents learned their beliefs, and where their parents learned their beliefs, and so on down …

Trauma Healing

Taming the Heart Bee: Healing Armoring Patterns after Trauma

Any time we experience trauma, suffering, or hardship, we have certain defense mechanisms that perhaps serve us in surviving a difficult situation. When the threat is gone, though, these defense mechanisms become a hindrance to joy, fulfillment, and ultimately peace. I like to use the metaphor of a “heart bee” …

Ancestral Healing

Seven Generations and Ancestral Healing

You may have heard of the Seven Generations philosophy. Its historical origins can be traced back to the Haudenosaunee peoples of North America who live by the philosophy that we are all connected within a community, not only in our current lifetime, but generationally as well. This connection extends both …

modern spirituality alchemy

The 21-Century Alchemist: Modern Spirituality Meets Esoteric Philosophy

When we think of alchemy, we often think of medieval wizards thumbing through cryptic magical books and combining all sorts of chemicals and substances in an effort to turn base metals into gold. In the past, esoteric and spiritual teachings were for a select few. They were often not recorded …