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Reclaiming Your Roots

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New Ancestral Healing Book: Reclaiming Your Roots

A Self-Healer's Guide to Ancestral Healing Through Transformational Spiritual Practices

By Kristen Blythe

Reclaiming Your Roots takes readers on a life-changing journey through the Ancestral Blueprint™ - the energetic template that contains inherited programming from our genetic and spiritual ancestral lineages. This ground-breaking book teaches readers of all experience levels modern spiritual practices and powerful energy healing exercises for balancing ancestral burdens and embodying ancestral blessings. Informed by channeled wisdom from her guides and her own personal healing journey, Blythe shares accessible techniques intended to guide others to their own inner wisdom and healing abilities. Readers learn how to work with Spirit to heal ancestral trauma, access soul skills, cultivate supportive spiritual connections, overcome limiting beliefs, and rewrite ancestral programming. Those ready to break free from patterns that keep them from embodying their most soulful self and living the life they most desire will find Reclaiming Your Roots just the ticket to begin an intensive and fruitful transformation process.

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Kind Words From Readers

"Kristen went above and beyond, truly. She recognized when I was having a hard time, helped me to acknowledge and face my feelings and genuinely wanted to see me move forward and not "need" to see her anymore, rather just want to. She encouraged and guided me with ideas that I could take into my everyday. Her energy work is also incredible. She comes to each session with many tools and uses her highly attuned intuition! Cannot recommend her enough!!"
Heather Q.
"Kristen is incredible. I have been through a very difficult medical journey with cancer, and Kristen helped me every step of the way. I also had to let go of a 4 decade career due to this medical situation & Kristen guided me along with positivity & clear vision that I could make it through & get to the other side of it all & be healthy & happy. And here I am..healthy & happy, thanks to Kristen's support & guidance. Shes wonderful."
Amy W.
"The world needs more people like Kristen. She is an incredibly talented coach and energy healer. She is authentic, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, calming, friendly, positive and uplifting. Going to Kristen for coaching and healing sessions helped me to finally heal my body and overcome Lyme disease and to completely transform my life for the better. I can’t recommend Kristen highly enough!"
Beth G.

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