Changing the Blueprint: 7 Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life

Ancestral blueprints and limiting belief patterns

Changing the Blueprint: 7 Powerful Questions That Can Transform Your Life

Our beliefs originate from many different places. We develop them as soon as we emerge from the womb through experience, teachings of our elders, trauma, and many other avenues. We act through our beliefs every moment of every day. We have thoughts and emotions, communicate with others, and make decisions through the lens of our belief paradigm. These beliefs become our operating system. They become who we think we are.

But, what if the beliefs we act and live through aren’t our true beliefs? What if our adopted and learned beliefs limit the way we experience life? The moment we begin to ask these questions, we have arrived at a threshold that can transform every aspect of our experience into something new. These questions speak to the awareness that something different, and perhaps something better, is possible through the exploration of our beliefs and their impact.

Twenty years of energy healing and coaching experience has taught me that the root of all healing is awareness. When we become aware of a pattern, a trauma, or any dynamic in our lives that is not serving us, we can use our conscious awareness to choose change. This is why shadow work is so important in healing, as it allows us to explore with our conscious awareness the unseen facets of our being. We can’t heal something if we aren’t aware that it exists in the first place.

Working with our beliefs is the same way. If we aren’t aware of what our beliefs are and how they shape our experience of life, we can’t change them and we can’t change the unhealthy aspects of our lives that exist as a result of these beliefs. 

Beliefs are a foundational energy, meaning that they allow or disallow for other energies to enter our energy field or our experience of life. Without a belief structure that supports well-being, happiness, abundance, empowerment, and upliftment, it is very difficult to experience any of these things. 

Whenever we struggle with anything, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, the big question to ask ourselves is: “What beliefs do I have that support or allow for this experience I am having?” These beliefs are the blueprint that the rest of our experience is built from. If we can see the blueprint, we can begin to work with it to change it, and thus change our experiences.

While gaining new insights as to what our beliefs are is important, it is only the beginning of this work. We often need to dive more deeply into ourselves to explore when these beliefs developed and through what experiences. There are many energies that anchor our old beliefs into place that must be seen, understood, and released before we can change the blueprint. These include trauma energies, repressed emotional energies, and even other beliefs. 

We talk about how life and the human experience is all about learning, growth, and exploration, yet we often don’t know how to consciously learn, grow, and explore. The answer seems as if it’s out there in the world somewhere, yet everything we need to consciously live and improve our lives is within us. Exploring our beliefs and their roots, and choosing to create a new belief blueprint for ourselves that is more authentic to our truth is just about as conscious as we can get.

So how do we begin? We begin with mindfulness. We notice our emotions and thoughts within an experience or interaction we have, and we ask some very important questions:

  1. “Do my emotions and my thoughts within this experience reflect how I want to think and feel?”
  2. “What beliefs do I have that support my thoughts, emotions, and actions?”
  3. “Are these beliefs limiting me and do I want to continue to hold these beliefs?”
  4. “What experiences or teachings have I had in my life that helped me develop or reinforce these beliefs?”
  5. “Am I ready and do I give myself permission to release any trauma and emotions I haven’t processed as a result of having these experiences?”
  6. “What do I want to change these beliefs to? What is my new blueprint?”
  7. “Am I ready to live through these new beliefs? Do I give permission to create my new blueprint?”

Try working through these questions each time you feel stuck, triggered, disempowered, or limited in some way. It may even be helpful to start a belief journal that can be used to work through and reflect on these questions each day. 

The awareness that comes from diving deep into ourselves and exploring each of our experiences in a mindful way has the power to shift our mood, our thoughts, our experiences, and even our life path in very profound ways. When we no longer act through limiting beliefs and consciously embody a new blueprint that we write for ourselves, we reclaim sovereignty over our life.

Belief work is empowering work. As we begin to understand our beliefs and consciously create a new blueprint for ourselves, we begin to realize how much control we actually have over our experience of life. We begin to create our own experience. We free ourselves from the illusion that life is happening to us, and begin to see that it is happening with us and even for us.