Ancestral Healing Practitioner and Coach


Ancestral Healing Practitioner

An ancestral healing practitioner and coach assists clients with overcoming inherited limiting beliefs, trauma, limiting ancestral patterns, ancestral contracts, and other challenging programming that we inherit from our genetic ancestral lineage as well as through our soul lineage. This inherited ancestral programming can shape much of our life experience in an unbalanced and limiting way until we recognize and transform these ancestral limitations into patterns that are more in alignment with our personal truth or authentic self.

Learn more about how ancestral healing can help you move forward in your life in positive ways below.

An ancestral healing practitioner helps an individual identify and heal ancestral trauma, ancestral patterns, and limiting beliefs that may have been inherited through their ancestral lineage or from genetic relatives.

We all have ancestral trauma or generational trauma to some degree. The unhealed traumatic or limiting experiences of our ancestors from generations past and the resulting beliefs and programming that come from those experiences, when left unhealed, can be passed down to future generations through teaching, observation, energetically, and epigenetically. Working to heal these traumas and the resulting programming can significantly improve a person’s life experience and allow them to break free from toxic patterns.

Ancestral trauma can be identified in a variety of ways, but is most easily seen in limiting physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual patterns that repeat across generations in a lineage. These generational imbalances can result from traumatic ancestral experiences and the resulting programming that is passed down to future generations. This form of programming can be difficult to heal if it is not recognized as ancestral, because the origin of the limiting pattern does not stem from a person’s own life experience. In the case of ancestral trauma, a person’s limiting life experiences and perspectives result from a much older pattern that predates the individual’s own life.

There are a variety of methods and approaches to healing ancestral trauma. The first step is identifying the ancestral trauma and patterning and its impact on a person’s life. From here, there are a variety of techniques including meditative practices, somatic healing techniques, energy healing methods, inner parts work, and other methods that can be used to release and transform the ancestral limitations experienced by an individual.

When a person overcomes ancestral patterns, they begin to live their life through their own core truth or their authentic truth, rather than through the lens of limiting generational patterning. They begin to experience positive change in their life, they feel more free and sovereign over their life choices and experiences, they overcome inherited limiting beliefs and programming, and they may even experience improved health conditions.

Additionally, once the limiting ancestral patterns are broken in a lineage, the transformation and healing of these patterns can be shared with others in the lineage epigenetically and through other means. When we heal our ancestral burdens, those wounds no longer pass down to our children and their children.

Our ancestral traumas and patterns can manifest as an infinite number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and limitations for us. Some examples of the effects of ancestral trauma that may be relatable or recognizable are abuse patterns, addiction, financial challenges, communication challenges, difficulty processing or expressing emotions, limiting gender roles and expectations, certain health conditions, inability to make different choices than parents or relatives, unexplained phobias, limiting beliefs, and a variety of other challenges. Each person is unique in the way that they are impacted by ancestral influences, and it is important to identify and address ancestral trauma and patterns on a case-by-case basis.


Healing Ancestral Patterns and Trauma Through Life Coaching

As a holistic life coach, there are certain areas of healing and support work that I am most passionate about. One of my primary areas of expertise is ancestral lineage work and generational healing. I truly believe that all healing is ancestral healing, and that it is a critical part of our personal growth journey. When we heal ancestral patterns as well as our own personal traumas, we prevent these patterns from passing on to future generations and we improve our own lives.

Often the limiting and challenging patterns we experience are difficult to identify or recognize as limiting because they are ancestral in nature. When we can't identify a personal experience that created these patterns, and when the family we are surrounded by shares these same patterns, we begin to normalize them. When we normalize imbalance, these limiting patterns can wreak havoc on our choices, beliefs, relationships, and life experiences.

This is where ancestral healing work comes in, and as an ancestral healing practitioner, I am honored to assist and empower you in your personal ancestral healing journey.

Greater Boston energy healer and intuitive coach Kristen Blythe

My career as a coach, teacher, and healer as well as my own personal healing journey have taught me that ancestral healing is one of the most powerful avenues for positive change. If you are ready to begin the process of unburdening yourself from ancestral trauma and patterns that limit your life experience, your growth, and prevent you from making positive change in your life, I’m here to help!

While I am located in the greater Boston area, I offer one-on-one coaching remotely to individuals worldwide. I also offer mentorship and private learning for healing professionals. If you’d like to learn more you can explore my services using the link below or reach out to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me.