Intuitive Empath Coaching


Intuitive Empath Coaching

An intuitive empath is a highly sensitive and intuitive individual who is gifted with clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to interpret emotional energy and sensory energy from other individuals and the environment through the body. This means that intuitive empaths are able to feel the emotions and sometimes physical pain or sensations of others in their own bodies or energy field.

Holistic life coach Kristen Blythe

Overcoming Intuitive Empath Challenges Through Coaching

I have been an empath my entire life, and have traveled the healing path of the empath as well. It is a challenging journey, but it is important to know that healing as an empath is not just about learning to cope with the challenges that often come with our empathic gift. Healing is about overcoming those challenges and transforming them into a healed and balanced expression that allows us to live an empowered, balanced, free, and uplifting life.

Each individual is unique and has a unique expression of their empathic gifts. My role as an empath coach is to assist you in understanding your gift and how to embody this gift in an empowered way. This means that we will look at unconscious patterns that create challenge for you, traumas you've experienced as an empath, and areas where you'd like to see improvement. You will then learn maintenance tools while we do the big work of healing trauma and toxic energetic patterns that keep you stuck.

The result of this work is a process of personal transformation that will leave you feeling like yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life. You will feel more empowered in your life, and you will no longer suffer due to energies that belong to others. This is powerful work, and you have the ability to do this work with support and guidance.

My 20+ years of experience as a coach, teacher, and energy healer as well as my own personal healing journey have shown me how transformative this healing work for empaths truly is. If you are ready to begin rapidly transforming your life in positive ways and removing the blocks that prevent you from stepping into your empowered empathic self, I’m here to help!

While I am located in the greater Boston area, I offer one-on-one coaching remotely to individuals worldwide. I also offer mentorship and private learning for healing professionals. If you’d like to learn more you can explore my services using the link below or reach out to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me.




Empath Coaching FAQ

The gift of intuitive feeling itself isn’t a burden in and of itself. It is actually the limiting cultural programming and personal traumas we have experienced that cause us to absorb and feel burdened by the emotions of others. This is often as a result of unhealthy emotional patterns that are taught to empaths by caregivers and through reactions to those unhealthy patterns. These often unconscious methods empaths use for managing emotional energy in others and their environment is what makes being an empath challenging, however these patterns can be healed. Once old patterns and traumas are healed, clairsentience can be used as a beautiful intuitive gift that does not create challenge or burden for the individual.

If you suspect you may be an empath, it is likely that you have activated your empathic gifts. In truth, we are all wired as humans to be able to sense energies around us. Some individuals are naturally more gifted at sensing emotional energies, or have activated this skill due to life experiences they have had. If you are drawn to learning more about your empathic gifts or working through common challenges empaths experience, intuitive empath coaching can be especially helpful.

Beyond the specific healing and personal transformation work that occurs during a coaching session, it can be very helpful and healing to work one-on-one with a professional who is also an empath. To feel understood, seen, and be offered a path to balance and upliftment can be one of the most transformative points in an empath’s life. Finding the right coach or mentor for you is important, as a good empath coach has done the work themselves and can provide positive support and offer actionable steps toward healing.

A good empath coach will be able to understand the challenges that empaths often face, and will be able to help an individual in their own unique circumstances, as all empaths have a unique journey. They will be able to offer insight, exercises to balance empath challenges, and a path to empowerment.

Empaths often experience a variety of challenges due to trauma they have experienced. They may find themselves in a variety of relationships with narcissists, they may have difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries, they may feel very disempowered and overwhelmed by social or group activities, they may enmesh their energy with others and pick up behaviors and habits of those they connect with, they may have difficulty understanding what emotions belong to them versus others, and they may feel responsible for the emotions of others. There are many additional common experiences that empaths have beyond these as well.

An empath never loses their ability to sense energies. When they heal from the traumas and limiting patterns they have experienced, though, they no longer take on the pain or emotions of others in an effort to control, balance their environment, or feel safe. Other intuitive senses activate through healing as well, and this allows the empath to rely on other intuitive information to interpret their environment rather than emotion or feeling alone. The empath then becomes empowered in their own life, their relationships, and experiences a transformation in how they relate to the world around them. They are no longer burdened and bombarded by sensory energy and they feel more uplifted and sovereign over their life experience.