Intuitive Guidance and Coaching


Intuitive Coaching & Guidance

Intuitive coaching and guidance are integrated into coaching sessions and allow the client to receive intuitive insights that support healing and personal growth. The intuitive guidance received during coaching sessions is not predictive in nature, and is solely meant to support clients in overcoming challenges and identifying unconscious patterns that need to shift in order for the person to experience positive change in their life.

Learn more about how intuitive guidance and coaching can help you move forward in your life in positive ways below.


Uncover Limiting Patterns With Intuitive Guidance

All intuitives are wired in unique ways that allow them to use their intuitive gifts for specific purposes. I do not use my intuition in a predictive way, as I feel that our path is shaped with each choice we make and that we have the power to create the future we want. My intuitive wiring allows me to be an active channel for my guides, and I specialize in identifying the origin of imbalances a person is experiencing and the most uplifting path to achieving balance.

While I am intuitively guided in all of my client sessions and receive intuitive information when it is needed, I am also very passionate about empowering my clients in accessing their own inner wisdom and guidance. Coaching sessions, therefore, prioritize exercises that allow you to access your own intuitive insights and inner wisdom. This is meant to empower you in your own healing process and help you understand yourself and your own intuitive guidance system better.


Greater Boston energy healer and intuitive coach Kristen Blythe

Supportive intuitive insights that I offer in sessions come in the form of intuitive guidance from your guides and higher self, insight into limiting patterns and imbalances you may be experiencing, and suggestions for moving forward in a purposeful and healing way. If you would like intuitive support and to learn new intuitive skills to help you make positive change in your life, I’m here to help!

While I am located in the greater Boston area, I offer one-on-one coaching remotely to individuals worldwide. I also offer mentorship and private learning for healing professionals. If you’d like to learn more you can explore my services using the link below or reach out to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me.