Overcome Limiting Beliefs


Limiting Belief Work

We develop limiting beliefs from a variety of life experiences that are rooted in trauma. Our beliefs shape our reality, and when we live life through the lens of limiting beliefs created through personal or ancestral trauma rather than through our core truth or authentic truth, we experience challenge and find it difficult to change in the ways we want to.

A limiting belief is a belief developed through personal or ancestral trauma that does not reflect our core truth. These beliefs can be taught, created through experience, created through observation, or inherited through ancestral and cultural programming. Our thoughts, emotions, actions, and choices are all shaped by our beliefs, so when we adopt limiting beliefs these areas of our lives are affected in a multitude of limiting and challenging ways.

We all have limiting beliefs as humans, as they are a very natural part of our human experience. Part of personal growth and learning involves identifying these limiting beliefs and how they may be negatively impacting our life experience. Negative self talk and unloving opinions of oneself are indicators that you might have limiting beliefs. If the beliefs we hold are limiting for us or others in any way, elicit negative or lower emotions, or create challenge for us when we act through them, these are all signs that we may have limiting beliefs that are not reflective of our core truth.

There are a variety of methods and approaches to overcoming limiting beliefs. The first step in doing this work is to begin identifying what the limiting beliefs we hold are and how we would like to change them. It is important to address limiting beliefs with a holistic approach, as they impact all of our being including our thoughts, emotions, and physical experience. Additionally, in order to fully heal and transform a limiting belief into core truth, the original experiences and traumas that contributed to the creation of the limiting belief must be released as well, as it is trauma that informs our limiting beliefs.

When a person overcomes and heals a limiting belief and the experiences that informed the belief, life begins to reflect the authentic truth or core truth of the individual. It becomes easier to make healthy choices and take action out of purpose and love for self and others rather than fear. When we heal limiting beliefs, there is no longer a sense of resistance or inner battle within ourselves when faced with choices or experiences. We are able to take action in our lives without feeling fear, anxiety, guilt, or shame and we are able to make clear choices from the heart that benefit our well being and upliftment without blocks. 

Our limiting beliefs can reflect any area of life, however when we notice challenges with our self-esteem and self-worth or experience self-doubt or self-criticism, these are areas where our limiting beliefs are showing up.

Holistic life coach Kristen Blythe

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Through Life Coaching

As a holistic life coach, one of my roles is to help clients reshape their life experience by identifying and transforming their limiting beliefs. The methods I use for this work are informed by over 20 years of healing experience and proven methods that I have developed over years of practice.

Our self limiting beliefs inform our entire life experience, and they impact our whole being - mind, body, emotions, and spirit. They are formed through personal trauma, ancestral trauma, teachings, observation, and a variety of other factors. In order to overcome our limiting beliefs we have to work on all of these levels in order to create rapid and permanent transformation.

Often we are taught that repetition of new patterns can help us change our old habits. While this is true, this method can take a lot of work and there is always the possibility that we can fall back into our old patterns when we become triggered or face challenges.

The methods I use to overcome limiting beliefs transform the energetic pathways for these beliefs immediately AND work to release the trauma and triggering experiences that could reactivate limiting beliefs. Working on both of these levels is necessary to fully overcome our limiting beliefs.

My career as a coach, teacher, and healer as well as my own personal healing journey have shown me how powerful limiting belief healing is. If you are ready to begin rapidly transforming your life in positive ways and removing the blocks that prevent you from stepping into your life in a more authentic and soulful way, I’m here to help!

While I am located in the greater Boston area, I offer one-on-one coaching remotely to individuals worldwide. I also offer mentorship and private learning for healing professionals. If you’d like to learn more you can explore my services using the link below or reach out to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with me.