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Are you an empath, lightworker, starseed, healer, spiritual seeker, or intuitive?

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It is through the healing work we do for ourselves that we truly transform our lives in ways that can be felt and seen.

My mission as a coach and intuitive guide is to empower others as self-healers.  I specialize in ancestral healing, energy healing, and working with spiritually open, empathic, and sensitive souls around the world who desire rapid positive transformation. My role is to help you permanently shed the layers of limitation that prevent you from living your most purposeful and soul-aligned life, and root all of that beautiful soul wisdom of yours down into your physical embodied experience.


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How can intuitive coaching and healing sessions with me help you?

Let's co-create personal growth and lasting positive change together!​

Co-creating change means taking responsibility for your personal growth and healing journey, while also learning new tools and receiving support from others. I approach all of my sessions with this sentiment in mind. You are the driver of your life, but there is always room to learn new things and receive input and support from others. My goal is to empower you, help you connect more deeply with yourself and your gifts, help you live life with intention, and guide you through releasing blocks and limitations.

I approach healing from a place of understanding. I know how challenging healing, and growth can be. I too have had to struggle through growth, work through painful trauma, and see parts of myself that were very difficult to see, much less change. I also know how fruitful the process is.

Change is inevitable. Sometimes we choose change, and sometimes it chooses us. Either way, having the skills and tools to navigate change in a way that ends toxic patterns in your life and aligns you with a sense of purpose and joy, is essential to personal growth. That’s where intuitive coaching comes in.

I believe that we are all innately wired with the skills and wisdom to help us live our purpose, but our personal and ancestral traumas, limiting beliefs, and repressed emotions muddle up that inner compass and keep us stuck. My coaching services are not just about setting goals and talking things through. When you work with me, we will identify the root cause of imbalances in your life and do the healing necessary to transform those imbalances into a balanced and authentic state.

Before we get to the really good stuff in life and be who we truly are in the world, we have to unpack and release all of the limiting programming, repressed dense energies, and false stories of who we are.

We will work together during each session to broaden your understanding of where any imbalances in your being exist and their origin, use multiple energy healing techniques to shift the imbalances that prevent you from living your most fulfilling and abundant life, learn new methods for self-empowerment and spiritual development, and create a unique plan with homework to help you achieve the most growth between each session.

Each session is unique to you. With your intentions, higher self, and Spirit guiding each session, we will work together toward your goals, healing, continued spiritual awakening, and growth. Some areas we may work on together are:


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Learn how you can apply to work with me

Request a Consultation
The first step toward working with me is to submit the request form for a free consultation. This helps me learn more about you and your reasons for wanting to work with me.
Discovery Call
If I have availability in my schedule, we will meet for a free 15-minute discovery call where we will discuss your goals and I will answer any questions you have.
If we choose to work together after our initial discovery call, we will choose a day and time to meet and book your first session.
Meet With Me
Each session with me is 60 minutes and is guided by your intentions and what you feel called to work on.


Investing in Yourself

Single Session

One 60-minute session.
Per Session

4 Session Package

Four 60-minute sessions.
  • Prepay and save $20 total

8 Session Package

Eight 60-minute sessions.
  • Prepay and save $80 total

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