One-On-One Mentorship for Healing Professionals


Expand Your Skills as a Healing Professional or Holistic Practitioner

We can always learn from the wisdom and experiences of others, but there is no better teacher than ourselves. This is why I have designed mentoring sessions for healing professionals like you to teach you how to more deeply access your own innate inner wisdom, plus teach you some of the things I’ve learned throughout my professional career and personal journey so that you can be a more efficient and effective support for others.

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How Can Teaching and Mentoring Help You?

When I first began learning energy healing techniques over 20 years ago, I was always looking for someone or something to teach me. I wanted to learn new techniques, new knowledge, and new skills and found many teachers to share their knowledge with me. These teachers were critical for my learning as a healer – both in teaching me what to do and what not to do.

Eventually, though, I began having experiences that left me with questions that many of my very experienced healing teachers could not answer. I wanted a mentor and I couldn’t find a single person who had experienced some of the things I was running into in my healing practice. I had no choice but to turn inward for my answers, and that was the day that I learned that we are all truly our own inner guru.

Mentoring sessions with me serve a two-fold purpose. First, we will focus on learning specific techniques and methods that you may want to integrate into your practice. Second, we will work on ways that you can more deeply connect with your own inner teacher, the one that you can always rely on guide you through your own life's experiences.

What Can We Work On Together?

Each session is unique to you and your experience. With your intentions guiding each session, we will work together toward your goals, learning, and growth. I draw from 20 years of experience in the energy healing and intuitive healing arts, and have training in 11 different energy-based healing modalities from around the world. Some areas we may work on together are:


Booking A Session

Request a Consultation
The first step toward working with me is to submit the request form for a free consultation. This helps me learn more about you and your reasons for wanting to work with a life coach.
Discovery Call
If I have availability in my schedule, we will meet for a free 15-minute discovery call where we will discuss your goals and I will answer any questions you have.
If we choose to work together after our initial discovery call, we will work together to choose a regular day and time to meet and book your first session.
Meet With Me
Each session with me is 60 minutes and is guided by your intentions and what you feel called to work on. We will meet on a regular schedule of your choosing for the duration of our work together.


Investing in Yourself

Single Session

One 60-minute session.
Per Session

4 Session Package

Four 60-minute sessions.
  • Prepay and save $20 total

8 Session Package

Four 60-minute sessions.
  • Prepay and save $80 total


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