Transformative Guidance Sessions

Transformative Guidance Sessions

Easy Access Intuitive support and guidance

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We all need a go-to place to receive support for the challenges we face every day.

Transformative Guidance Sessions are my email support offering that allows you to work with me and receive support without applying to work with me one-on-one. With each session you purchase, you may submit details of a challenge you are facing or an issue you would like intuitive guidance and energetic support for. Within 72 hours you will receive a recording by me with guidance and intuitive insight as well as actionable steps to take to begin to make positive shifts.


Receive intuitive guidance and coaching support

Get to the root of the issue and begin making positive changes from the comfort of your inbox.

What you receive with each session:

Each session you purchase is meant to address one concern, challenge, or issue you would like support for. After submitting a detailed question and payment, you will receive a link to download a 10+ minute audio recording by me that offers:

What can I ask about?

Transformative Guidance Sessions are NOT readings into your future. I believe that we are all sovereign beings with the power to choose our future and access positive shifts through healing and personal growth work. If you are committed to “doing the work” and need guidance, insight, actions steps, and support for how to get where you want to go, these sessions are an affordable and easy way to get started! You can ask about:

How it works:

If you are ready to receive transformative guidance support from me, you’ll start by clicking the purchase button for a session and submitting the $55 payment and a detailed description of your question or challenge.

Once I receive your question, I will intuitively tune into your soul’s templates and consciousness and ask for information that will support your understanding and highest good in the situation. I will then record an audio response to your question with intuitive guidance meant to help you gain greater understanding and will provide action steps for you to take to begin shifting the energetic patterns and releasing energies from your past that contribute to the challenge.

You will receive a link to the recording by email within 3 business days of submitting your question – so keep an eye on your inbox and your junk box!

Are you ready to get started?

"Thank you so much Kristen! You got right to the heart of the issue I was having and I'm crying listening to the guidance you gave. I feel like you really heard me and understood where I was coming from and I'm so excited to see the shifts that come from this for me! Thank you, thank you!
Rebecca C.
I've been struggling with this for so long, and this is exactly what I needed! I'm already seeing changes in my emotional state after doing the exercise you sent me. Thank you so much Kristen!
Jenny R.
"I am so grateful for you Kristen... I hope you know how much of a gift this is to be able to receive this kind of support. It goes so much deeper than I could get on my own. Thank you again!"
Kristy B.