Guides, Won’t You Save Me?

Ancestral guides and ancestral support

Guides, Won’t You Save Me?

Healing is hard work. There is no question about that. Through my own trauma healing, one of the most interesting things I have discovered by actively working with my guides and higher-dimensional beings is that there are definitely rules when it comes to their ability to assist us. There is a reason they are called guides and not saviors.

Granting Permission to Spirit

One of the most powerful things that fast-tracked my personal healing process and that of many of my clients over the years, is that very large amounts of healing and profound shifts can occur very quickly when we actively work with guides, ascended masters, angels, galactic beings, and other higher-dimensional beings of the middle path. They key here, though, is that your guides and really any benevolent beings will not communicate with you or do healing for you without your conscious permission. If there are beings claiming to be your guides, ascended masters, or other higher-dimensional beings wanting to work with you that just show up unannounced without permission, they are likely not your guides and you probably want to walk the other way. Guides are extremely limited in what they can do for you if you are not aware that they are available to work with you, and if you do not explicitly give permission to them to communicate with you or to work with you on that level. You have to make the first move.

This does not mean that guides aren’t doing any guiding of those who are unaware of their existence. It does mean that, except in extreme circumstances such as life or death, guidance is restricted to certain levels of our consciousness (dreamtime, inspirations, etc.). When we open up to actively work with our guides and develop a relationship with them, we open an entire new world of healing and growth that was formerly inaccessible to us due to these strict guidelines concerning permission.

Connecting with Spirit Guides

We do not have to be able to see, hear, or feel our guides to work with them either. We have to be able to meet our guides somewhere in the middle between our consciousness level and theirs to be able to work with them or experience them in this more tangible way. They are there for us regardless, though, and the more we intentionally work with them, especially with the intention of healing and growth for ourselves, the more we will be able to directly interact with them. This process begins with stating that they have permission to work with you directly and consciously. Once your guides have broad permission, and you actively show your willingness to work with them by asking for their support, asking for their guidance, and asking for healing on a regular basis, this connection and relationship will grow more and more.

Even if you have a very deep and direct relationship with your guides, though, there are certain things that they simply will not do. They will not do the work for you unless you have shown an equal amount of work on yourself for yourself. They will not do anything that is not in your highest good, regardless of whether you ask for it or not. They do have a better understanding of what is in our highest good and what is not than we do many times, as they use our higher self and the higher perspective as the “permission granter” above our 3D conscious self’s desires. They are also limited in what they can do if we do not have a deep understanding of what we are healing, why we are healing it, and what caused it in the first place. This last piece is critical, as this is where our soul growth comes from. When we bring the understanding, awareness, and energies that were formerly unconscious into our conscious awareness, we can alchemize those dynamics with the help of our guides. We can’t heal it, and they can’t heal it for us, unless we are aware of it, though.

A wonderful example of this is doing belief template healing work. Our guides can very quickly shift and heal any limiting beliefs that we have from the blueprint or template level of that belief, and clear any trauma and emotional energies that are present due to that belief. This cannot be done, though, unless we become aware of what our limiting belief is, understand where that belief came from and why it is present, and create a new healed template for ourselves. This is the heavy lifting on our part – the awareness, understanding, and co-creative process of consciously healing ourselves.

Once we have a full understanding of what needs to be healed, why, and how, our guides can do the energy work necessary to swap out our belief templates, and remove whatever trauma and emotions we have identified as connected to those templates. Great healing and growth can come from this very simple process, but without this conscious awareness, the permission is simply not there. We cannot just ask our guides to remove any beliefs that are limiting and expect them to do it without us understanding what they are and why.

From one perspective, healing in this way is a lot of work. We can get easily frustrated and stressed due to a seemingly never ending amount of healing that we need to do. From another perspective, the option of living life unaware of what we need to heal and learning through challenging life circumstances is far more stressful and difficult. It is the awareness and conscious participation in our healing that makes it seem too big to handle, but in reality, this method of healing and working with guides to do so is far more productive and transformational than unconsciously meandering your way through life.

Working with your guides is one of the most beautiful parts of healing, and can be a profound and heart-opening experience. It can expand your awareness and consciousness in ways that you can’t even imagine. You are in the driver’s seat, though. No one can do the work for you, and there is work to be done. At the end of the day, your guides will guide you into saving yourself.