Healing the Effects of Trauma on the Energy Centers and Energetic Circuitry

trauma and the energy body
Trauma Healing

Healing the Effects of Trauma on the Energy Centers and Energetic Circuitry

All of us have experienced trauma in some form or another. The energies of trauma, the resulting emotions, and the beliefs and patterning we develop through trauma deeply inform our physical experience of life.

It is important to do healing for trauma energies and any repressed emotional energies that we hold within us. This healing can come in many forms, from psychotherapy, to somatic trauma release techniques, to catalyzing life experiences, to energy healing. Once the trauma itself is released, there can often be some energetic cleanup to do. Healing in general is a very multi-layered process.

Trauma and Our Energy Centers

What is interesting here is that trauma and the patterning developed in the aftermath of trauma can change the wiring and flow in our natural energetic circuitry. The major energy centers of our energy body process and circulate different energies within our field. They work together, inform each other, and work like an engine that runs our entire energetic system. Not only do the energy centers each have an internal structure of their own, but they are all connected to each other by different energetic pathways. Both the internal structure and the energetic pathways can be altered, blocked, or severed completely.

New pathways and structures can also form within the energy centers and the energy body that are trauma informed and not necessarily in our highest good. This is one of the reasons why it can be so difficult to shift out of trauma patterns and into a more natural, peaceful state.

When our energy centers work together or function in a way that supports our trauma patterns, this can be a very limiting experience. It can lead to certain energy centers staying closed or restricted. It can lead to all of the energy centers being primarily informed by the root energy center and our survival mechanisms (fight or flight). This would also include our system running through any distortions we have in the structure of our root energy center that were created through trauma, which is similar to running a computer with a lot of bugs in the operating system.

Additionally, our autonomic nervous system responds to these energetic pathways as well, which can lead to high cortisol levels, compromised immune function, systemic inflammation, and a host of other conditions that can develop through trauma patterning.

Healing Your Energetic Circuitry

If you have been working on healing your trauma for a long time, a very powerful way to shift some of the patterns you might have developed through trauma is to do a healing for your energetic circuitry. This can be a very important step toward shifting limiting patterns you have developed as a result of trauma. While it will not harm you, this type of healing is suggested for those who have worked through and released a lot of trauma, as it is not as effective if trauma energies are still present.

Once you receive healing for your energetic circuitry in the aftermath of trauma, you should notices shifts in your thinking and emotions. You might feel lighter and feel energy moving through your body more fluidly. There are many unique ways that restoring your energetic system can have a positive impact on your well-being. You may also repeat this healing at any time, especially after any major trauma healing or major emotional releases related to past trauma. Your guides will only heal the parts of your circuitry that are in your highest good to heal at a given time, so repeating this healing can be helpful.

If you are interested in receiving this type of healing, my Repairing Energetic Circuitry healing meditation is a helpful tool that can begin this process for you.

Please note that energy healing can be very powerful, however it is not to be used in exchange for medical care and this healing is not to be taken as medical advice. If you have any symptoms or conditions that require medical treatment, please see a physician or mental health professional. If you choose to use this healing, it is at your own risk. For additional terms, please see the terms of service page on this website.