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About Kristen Blythe

intuitive coach, energy healing teacher, author, and spiritual guide

Intuitive Coach Kristen Blythe

My passion is empowering lightworkers, empaths, intuitives, healers, and starseeds as their own personal healers. When we have the right support and guided understanding, we can transform our lives in miraculous ways. Only you have the ability to balance your own life and energies, and my job as an intuitive coach is to guide you, teach you, and support you through the fruitful and uplifting process of soul-aligned personal transformation.


My Journey

Get to know me and learn about my work as an intuitive, teacher, and healer.

I'm so happy you are here exploring ways to improve your life and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth!

I have been in your shoes many times. In fact, I became a healer and coach in the first place because my life path led me to the tools, experiences, intuitive guidance, and skills I needed to bring my soul gifts and wisdom into the world. If you are here, you likely have soul gifts and spiritual wisdom of your own that you are ready to claim and embody.

Like many cycle-breakers and change-bringers, I spent my childhood navigating trauma, the burdens of an unhealed empath, fear of a world that felt so foreign to me, and the social isolation that came with perceiving things in ways that others didn’t. It took many years into my adulthood and a spiritual awakening to finally begin to understand my intuition and gather the tools I needed to heal from my past – first by learning from others and training in various metaphysical healing techniques and spiritual practices, and later by turning inward to my own soul’s wisdom and Spirit’s guidance.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned through my own healing is that before we thrive, we must alchemize and release the burdens of the past that weigh us down.

This process can be extremely challenging, especially for those of us who came here to end toxic patterns. Despite the challenge, though, the reward of a soul-aligned, purposeful, and fulfilling life is waiting on the other side of it all.

As an energy intuitive, my intuition is wired to identify and trace imbalances to their root energetic cause.

This shows up in many ways for me, from auditory messages from Spirit, to empathic sensations in my body pointing me in the right direction, to visual representations of energetic blocks. No matter how the information comes through, my gift is to get to the root of imbalance and to work with Spirit to transform the energies that support the imbalance into a more truthful, authentic, and balanced state. My work with you is to guide you, share intuitive information, wisdom from experience, and teach you how to uplift yourself and your life.

Why Rooted Wisdom?

Because in my experience, that’s what life is all about – following our inner compass through challenge, tearing away all the bits and pieces that don’t quite fit, transforming into who we are really meant to be in this life, and rooting all that wisdom down into our lived experience.

The following are a selection of my professional credentials, training, and qualifications.

Our purpose and our authentic soul expression is already within us, calling us forth and guiding us to the resources we need reveal the most divinely aligned parts of us to the world.

"I cannot recommend Kristen enough. Kristen helped me in one of the most trying and vulnerable times in my life. She cared and comforted me during a time of struggle and worked me through it. She is extremely talented with many types of healing and coaching techniques in her toolbox - her sessions are customized to what you need. She is amazing!"
Heather Q.
"After a major debilitating illness, I was struggling to get myself back into the workforce. Kristen was amazing at helping me shift limiting beliefs I had and release trauma that came as a result of experiencing chronic illness. I can happily say I am working in a job I love, and the life shifts I underwent as a result of Kristen's techniques were almost immediate and monumental. Thank you Kristen!"
Beth G.
"As a licensed mental health therapist, certified hypnotherapist and certified intuitive life coach, I find Kristen to be incredibly intuitive as well as highly skilled and knowledgeable around identifying negative patterns, removing blocks and healing trauma and old wounds. Kristen is trained in a variety of holistic modalities. She is warm, compassionate and empathic. As a traditional mental health therapist that likes to think outside the box, I can highly recommend Kristen to guide you to heal."
Meaghan M.
"Kristen is absolutely amazing! I am a cancer patient and we worked for several weeks on limiting beliefs I had about my health. Since our work together the cancer's progression has slowed significantly, and I am much happier and healthier than before our work together."
Amy W.
"Working with Kristen has helped me re-story ancestral patterns that were holding me back, and her grounded approach has helped me trust myself to remain grounded even when the shadows inside get stirred up, and to approach with intention and clarity. Her medicine is potent and kindly shared!!"
Rachelle P.