Energy-First Workshop

Energy-First Workshop

Energy-First Workshop

energy first healing workshop

In this introductory workshop, Kristen teaches how we can use an energy-first approach to healing and personal growth to overcome our challenges and create the life we desire more efficiently and effectively than ever. Intuitive coach and energy healing teacher Kristen Blythe shares lessons she has learned through her own healing journey about the importance of addressing the energetic root of our physical experience. You will learn:

  • How energy informs our physical experience
  • The two metaphysical processes that create our physical reality
  • How to begin working behind the scenes with the energy that informs our lives without prior healing or intuitive experience
  • The importance of working with a higher power and spiritual support toward healing and growth
  • How energy impacts the physical body
  • How an energy-first approach differs from a physical-first approach to healing

This workshop also includes a healing to put the teaching into practice. We will be identifying and shifting limiting beliefs that prevent us from seeing the truth of our experience. We will then reflect on this healing and how it will take shape in your life as it integrates.

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Kristen Blythe specializes in ancestral healing and intergenerational trauma work and has spent the last 20+ years learning, practicing, developing, and teaching energy healing modalities, meditative practices, and somatic-based therapies. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Life Coach, and has trained in a multitude of different energy healing modalities from around the world.

Price Free
Instructor Kristen Blythe
Duration 0 days
Lectures 5
Enrolled 9 students
Language English