5th Dimensional Earth Consciousness Healing Attunement



In this healing meditation, you will learn about the Earth Star chakra, a frequently overlooked, but significant energy center. This energy center allows us to connect with the planetary consciousness, as well as all others who are connected to the planetary consciousness. Just as we all have different layers and dimensions to our energy, the Earth does as well. Many of us are anchored to the 3D trauma layer of Earth’s energy and this can make it very difficult for us to uplift ourselves, connect with the positive energies on the planet and within the human collective, and can keep us stuck in old patterns that are no longer serving us.

This healing meditation and attunement works to clear programming and other energies from your Earth Star chakra and energy body that prevent you from anchoring into higher dimensional and balanced layers of the Earth’s consciousness. Once these energies are cleared, you will be guided through an attunement to receive balanced templates from the Earth’s 4th and 5th-dimensional bandwidths and will finish by anchoring your energy into the Earth’s energy that is most appropriate for you at this time.

This healing is especially helpful for:

  • Empaths and sensitives who deeply feel the human collective’s energetic state, land energies, and imbalances or trauma in the Earth’s frequencies
  • Those looking for tools to raise their vibration and align with higher states of consciousness
  • Individuals who have a difficult time feeling grounded in a safe and comfortable way
  • Individuals interested in healing and balancing their energy body