Heart Chakra Healing Attunement



The heart is such a critical part of our energy body. It is the portal between our higher wisdom and human experience, and it allows us to fully process our human experience through our divine knowing for our growth and upliftment. Working to open our heart energy center helps bring us into closer connection with our divine wisdom, it can help us access our intuitive gifts and experience our intuition in an authentic and uplifting way, and it is the key to our spiritual growth. This energy healing and attunement clears a variety of energies, programs, templates, and other energetic structures that prevent the heart from being fully in alignment with your divine self. We will work with your guides, higher self, and higher power to clear limitations in your energy body that prevent your heart chakra from operating in alignment with your higher truth. Once these energies are cleared, you will receive an attunement that will bring the energetic structures in your heart chakra into balance and align its functioning with your most authentic expression.

This healing is especially helpful for:

  • Those who have a difficult time opening their heart, even when they want to
  • Individuals who would like to release heart traumas from the past that prevent them from moving forward
  • Those interested in spiritual growth and intuitive development