Understanding Your Empathic Gift Workbook



Empaths are intuitives that have a very unique ability to feel the energies around them physically in their bodies, but each empath is wired in their own special way.

We become so accustomed to the way we experience the world that we can easily forget that our experience is very different from that of others. We can also easily dismiss our experience as “just how things are” and miss very important information about how we experience the world.

To begin healing the dynamics that create the challenges we face as empaths, it’s very important to understand our own empathic wiring. This workbook is meant to get you thinking about how you experience your empathic gift every day. By answering the questions in this workbook and reviewing the accompanying recording, you’ll be able to identify more easily how you feel the world around you. This exercise is meant to get you thinking about your unique empathic gift, how you experience it, and discover areas that may need your attention.