Re-entering the Social World

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Re-entering the Social World

Have you ever started the internet from scratch? Well, I am about to.

After I left my physical office behind in 2020, life became a whirlwind of doing things differently. I’m assuming many of you can relate to this…

I love remote work. It has given me so much more freedom than I ever thought was possible. The one thing that I miss sometimes, though, is having my little room where people could gather to find me for classes and to receive healing and support. I miss it not because I want to work in an office again. I miss it because it was my only social media. People always knew where to look for me, and it had four walls and a ceiling.

The internet is a much bigger place than my little office was. There is so much potential that it’s almost overwhelming to know where to look first. Starting is the first step though, and after three years of focusing on my one-on-one sessions and my own website, I’ve decided it’s time to put myself out there in new ways.

So where can you find me you might ask?

For starters, I have brand new social media pages after years of actively avoiding it. I have not used social media since I founded Rooted Wisdom, and it has changed SOOOOO much since I last had a profile anywhere. Reels? Stories? What? This will be interesting to figure out. If you’d like to help a sista’ out and follow/comment/like and especially share any of my new accounts or posts, you can find me in the following places:

Where’s facebook you ask? I have a business page. I never look at it. If you really want to follow my Rooted Wisdom facebook page you can, but I know myself and I am highly unlikely to check facebook on a regular basis. So, no guarantees on this one.

I’ve also been working on teaching in new ways!

While I miss doing regular in-person classes, there are so many platforms and opportunities out there on the internet. As always, I have the online classes I offer through my website.

I have also recently published a course on Udemy called Ancestral Healing Course: Work With Ancestral Spirit Guides which is meant to help you learn to connect, communicate, and work with your ancestral guides to heal. For some of you this might be old news, but for others, it might help you get started in new ways. I plan to add more courses here in the future as well, so feel free to check that out if you’re interested.

I enjoy one-on-one coaching so much, and it adds that personal dimension to my work that I couldn’t live without. If you’re looking for support in your healing journey and would like to actively work through overcoming limiting beliefs, traumas, health challenges, life changes, and other limitations holding you back from living your best life, reach out for a free discovery call. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Most of all, wish me luck as I enter into unfamiliar (for me) internet territory… feels a lot like life!