Recent Articles and Appearances


Recent Articles and Appearances

Trauma is Often Rooted Deeply Affecting Your Overall Health – Kristen Blythe
The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger – August 30, 2023
Listen to The Interview with Kristen

Kristen Blythe – The Four Prerequisites for Healing; and Releasing Inherited Ancestral Burdens
The Healing Place Podcast with Teri Wellbrock – August 11, 2023
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Sharing The Burden: Our Ancestors Healed Through Storytelling and So Can You
By Kristen Blythe – August 2, 2023
Read the Article at Spirit of Change

The Crystal Cure? Experts Weigh In on the Best Gems for Pain, Anxiety, Heartbreak, and More
By Amanda Lieber – June 23, 2023
Read the Article and Interview with Kristen

What Does The Color Green Represent Spiritually? Here’s What To Know, From Color Experts
By Lauren David – April 27, 2023
Read the Article and Interview with Kristen

alternative balance

Ancestral Healing Webinar
Hosted By Alternative Balance – January 11, 2023
Watch the Webinar on Youtube

RIDE THE WAVE OF CHAOS: Why inner work can lead to outer stagnation and what to do about it
By Kristen Blythe – September 7, 2022
Read the Guest Article by Kristen


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