RIDE THE WAVE OF CHAOS: Why inner work can lead to outer stagnation and what to do about it

Why inner work leads to outer stagnation

RIDE THE WAVE OF CHAOS: Why inner work can lead to outer stagnation and what to do about it

Originally published at themindfulword.org blog

We’ve all been through phases of deep inner work, at one time or another. Sometimes we choose this inner work, and other times it feels as if life has forced it upon us. Regardless of how we’ve arrived at these times of intense internal healing, if we stay here long enough, any progress in our outer world can seem to come to a screeching halt.

This can be disheartening when we are already feeling challenged in our inner world. It is very natural for us humans to want to see the fruits of our labor, and when things are tough, we usually want to see that progress physically and immediately.

The good news is that this phenomenon is a sign of monumental progress. How is no progress a sign of progress, you ask? It’s all about the energy!

When we do inner work and begin healing rapidly, we release energy from the body and nervous system that no longer serves us. This can be in the form of repressed trauma energy, emotional energy, limiting beliefs or connections that are no longer serving us. There are all sorts of energies that we release when we heal and let go of the past, and this rapid release means a rapidly changing and chaotic energy field.

Zooming Down a Highway

Everything we manifest in life is attracted to us through the energies contained in our energy field, and manifesting things into physical reality takes time. When we do prolonged or intense inner work, our energy field can shift very rapidly and make it difficult for any physical changes to stick.

It’s like calling a friend while we’re driving and asking them to meet us at Exit 4, just as we’re passing it. By the time they get there, we’re at Exit 28 and we’ve missed them by a long shot. This makes us feel as if our lives are going nowhere and nothing is changing, but we’re actually zooming down the highway.

While intense personal transformation can create a manifestation “void” in our physical reality, this outer stagnation is a sign that the inner work we’re doing is having a monumental effect on life as a whole. If we are transforming so rapidly and profoundly that nothing new can really take hold in our outer world, it’s a sign that what we’re doing inside is a huge shift from wherever we were when we started on this inner journey.

Manifesting anything into our lives takes a certain degree of energetic stability, and for this, we should be grateful. If our outer world immediately reflected the chaos in our inner world during times of healing and growth, imagine what life would look like. It likely wouldn’t be the pretty picture we were going for!

Funnily enough, usually our inner work is sparked by a desire for change. Some part of us knows that nothing can change unless we change, so we set off on a new adventure of inner exploration. Our heart guides us through this inner work while our mind sits on the sidelines, looking for the proof in the pudding. Our mind puts up a fight when the work gets challenging, in an effort to protect us from pain and suffering. It wants to know that the journey is worth it.

The trick is to keep following our heart’s guidance through the storm, regardless of what the mind has to say about it. This way, we can ride the wave of chaos in our inner world until things settle down. Once the dust settles, the outer world can catch up to the beautiful internal transformation that we’ve undergone. As our outer world begins to transform to reflect the work we’ve done on ourselves, the beautiful gifts life brings us make it all worth it at the end of the day.