The ROESA Method™


The ROESA Method™

The ROESA Method

The ROESA Method™ is a healing famework developed by intuitive coach and energy healer Kristen Blythe that is designed to promote rapid healing and transformation and is applicable and adaptable to an infinite number of practices.

When applied, the ROESA Method facilitates the awareness and understanding required to fully transform a limiting pattern, traumatic experience, or impact of an external influence. It then creates and enacts a transformation process to holistically release imbalances and embody desired change.

Kristen developed this method to give an applicable framework to the processes she used to heal from her own complex childhood trauma and resulting PTSD. She has subsequently used and taught this method to clients and students worldwide and has facilitated thousands of successful and transformative sessions using the principles of the ROESA Method.

This methodology can be applied to many different practices such as meditative exercises, mindfulness practices, trauma healing, emotional release, limiting belief work, energy healing and metaphysical practices, journaling exercises, shadow work, somatic therapies, and many other healing, personal growth, and spiritual practices. It is meant to be applied to both existing practices and can serve as a framework for developing new practices that facilitate healing and growth.

All of the techniques and tools Kristen uses in her practice are based on the ROESA Method and have proven extraordinarily effective at rapidly creating healing and positive change.

What is Real?

What exists, both consciously and subconsciously? Becoming aware of what is currently present or what is a real part of your experience is the first step toward change and growth.

What is the Origin?

Once we are aware of what is real, we then trace the current experience to its roots or origin. This allows us to highlight the entire scope of a pattern, trauma, or other limitation.

What is the Effect?

With the scope of the challenge or limitation highlighted, we now assess the impact or effect of the pattern we are working with. We ask, what conditions or experiences are being created as a result of this pattern?

What is the Shift?

With a new understanding of what is real for us, how the pattern started, and how it is impacting us, we can now decide how we want to shift things. We reflect on how we can transform the pattern into something that honors our core truth.

Authorize the Change

With the first four steps complete, we can now authorize or give permission for our body, higher self, or higher power to release the pattern that we have worked through. This ignites a rapid release of energy and transforms the pattern.