What is Ancestral Healing?

What is Ancestral Healing
Ancestral Healing

What is Ancestral Healing?

If you’ve been doing your inner work and healing for a while now, you may have encountered the term ancestral healing or ancestral lineage healing. If you’re wondering what ancestral healing is and how it might help you, I’ve put together this guide to help you understand the impact of your ancestral lineage on your personal growth and healing a bit better. So let’s get started…

Defining Ancestral Healing

Often our own traumas and personal limitations have roots in ancestral patterns that we have inherited, and it can be very difficult to fully heal from our personal limitations and challenges if we do not address their ancestral origins. Ancestral healing is the process of addressing and balancing the impact of our ancestors’ limiting experiences, traumas, beliefs, and actions on our own thoughts, emotions, physical bodies, and external life experiences.

We often think that our life is an isolated experience and we tend to focus on our personal experiences when we embark on a spiritual growth and healing journey. We are born into an ancestral story that is much older than our limited experience here on Earth, though, and the experiences of our ancestors and those who came before us have a very deep impact on the way we experience our lives.

Healing Ancestral Karma

You may have heard of ancestral karma or explored different practices for balancing ancestral karma, but what exactly is ancestral karma? Even though karma is a word that many Westerners use to refer to the way our past impacts our future, it can be a loaded word with many different interpretations. Additionally, even though the concept of karma is found in spiritual traditions throughout the world, the word “karma” itself is a term that originates from Eastern philosophy and religion. Taken out of context this term can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations which can make ancestral karma a difficult concept to navigate, much less address.

I prefer to use the terms “ancestral burdens” and “ancestral blessings” when working with the ancestral energies we inherit. I feel that these terms are less tied to a specific culture, and they can be explained on their own as metaphysical concepts without being tied to a cultural, religious, or philosophical context.

Our ancestral burdens and blessings are the energies we inherit from our ancestral lineage. These burdens and blessings deeply impact how we experience our lives, how we feel, how we think, and how we behave. They also influence the different skills and gifts we are able to express in our lives.

Ancestral burdens can be divided into three separate categories: ancestral trauma, limiting ancestral patterns, and limiting ancestral intentions. These three categories of ancestral energies we inherit are intrinsically connected to one another, and they can each be an entry point into healing other energies that influence us.

Ancestral blessings come in the form of beneficial ancestral connections that we have, ancestral wisdom and soul wisdom, as well as ancestral skills and soul skills. These ancestral blessings help us live our purpose or life mission, support us in beautiful ways, and aid us in balancing our ancestral burdens.

So ancestral healing and healing ancestral karma, is really just a process of working with our skills, gifts, connections, and wisdom to balance the ancestral burdens we have inherited through our ancestral lineage.

Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Family Lineages​

When we think of ancestral healing or our ancestral lineage, we tend to only think about our genetic family or biological relatives, but ancestral healing and ancestral energy work encompasses much more than just our genetic family lineage. It also includes our soul lineage, meaning all of the energies we inherit through past life experiences and soul connections that we have.

In each lifetime, we are born with a combination of energies from our soul or spiritual lineage and our genetic family lineage, and the combination of these energies form a template in our energy field that I call the Ancestral Blueprint™. Our Ancestral Blueprint is an energetic template that anchors all of our inherited ancestral burdens and blessings into our experience, both from our biological genetic lineage and our soul lineage. These are the most fundamental energies that influence our inner landscape as well as our outer life experiences, and working with our ancestral energies can allow us to heal on a fundamental level.

What are the Benefits of Ancestral Healing

The benefits of ancestral healing are many. When we balance the energies we inherit through our Ancestral Blueprint, we are able to embody more of our soul self or our authentic self. It becomes much easier for us to make decisions that align with our purpose and mission in life. We no longer feel burdened by limiting beliefs that we have been taught or that have been inherited through our ancestral lineage. We no longer repeat toxic patterns or have limiting experiences that are reflective of ancestral traumas and other burdens that we have inherited.

As a result of this work, we get unstuck. All of the challenges and wounds that have felt so difficult for us to heal by addressing our own thoughts and life experiences start to fall away as we address the true origins of these challenges and wounds. Ancestral healing truly does encompass all healing, because our own inner work improves our lives and is also accessible to all of the genetic and soul connections we have through our Ancestral Blueprint. This is powerful work and is deeply impactful.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your personal healing journey and have yet to break certain patterns or heal from certain traumas, it could be that ancestral energies are the culprit. Ancestral healing work can help to finally overcome all of the blocks to your growth and happiness that you long for.

If you are looking for support in this work, you can check out my one-on-one online ancestral healing and coaching services where we can work together to heal your ancestral wounds and bring forth the gifts and blessings you were meant to embody in your life.